Reach trucks

Rocla's reach trucks are desingned to make driver's work easier. The user experience is a very important factor for customers today. By providing a great driving and load handling experience when trying a new product one can differentiate a brand from the rest.

Rocla Reach trucks include Rocla Humanic2 serie and TEM multiway reach truck serie.

The best possible user experience boost our customers business and increase customer satisfaction.Creating a good user experience, which is based on extensive user studies at customer premises, has to be supported by intelligent technology and quality components.

Rocla’s Humanic2 reach trucks

Rocla’s Humanic2 reach trucks are designed to make driver’s work easier. Whether there’s a more inexperienced driver or true professional, reach truck adapts to operator’s behavior in a natural way - start, driving and load handling is always smooth and safe.

Designed and manufactured in Finland, the durable reach truck series lifts up productivity even in the most demanding stacking and transportation tasks in different operating environments.

Humanic 2 reach truck

Humanic² multiway reach truck

Red dot awarded Humanic² reach truck family features a new multiway reach truck that can handle even the widest loads in narrow spaces. Six multi-directional travel modes, all wheel steering and adaptive drive system, which responses accurately to operator's driving and load handling, ensure agile and effective working. Humanic reach trucks have been designed to provide the best user experience for the driver.