Pallet transfer trucks

Pallet trucks are perfect for different loading needs in stores, warehouses and loading docks. Pallet trucks have extremely strong, endurance-tested and well-protected construction, less breakable components, low energy consumption and recyclable parts. These features increase the product lifecycle, reduce the need for maintenance and decrease costs.

Solid pedestrian pallet truck TWS

Rocla’s Solid pedestrian pallet trucks are designed for constant use even in extreme conditions.Their robust, well-protected construction and tested performance ensure the work is both pleasant and efficient. They are easy to operate, even for unexperienced drivers and on uneven surfaces.

Solid platform pallet truck TPE / TPS / TPX

Rocla’s Solid platform pallet trucks keep on working in all conditions no matter what. Ergonomic platform and strong side bars protect the driver also on uneven surfaces. Easy-to-use and durable Solid pallet trucks increase the flow of loading work in terminals, stores and warehouses.

TP20acd douple stacker

Rocla TP20acd is a pallet truck for double handling of two maximum 1000 kg pallets for example in terminals and industry. By this way the time needed to transporting is almost 50 % less than with normal pallet truck.

T20ac stand-on pallet truck

Rocla T20ac is a stand-on pallet truck with 2000kg capacity for long transporting distances and charging and discharging the lorries.

TS20ac pallet transfer truck

Rocla TS20ac sit-on pallet truck with 2000 kg or 2500 kg capacity is an optimum choice for heavy work and long transporting distances in industry and big terminals and warehouses.