Warehouse trucks

The more efficiently and cost effectively the goods are handled, the greater is the opportunity for profit – Rocla warehouse trucks are an answer to that. Rocla's electric warehouse trucks are to be used indoors for storage and distribution of all kind of products. All models can be equipped with design covers featuring company or brand identity for extra exposure in stores and other public premises.

Pallet transfer trucks

Pallet trucks are perfect for different loading needs in stores, warehouses and loading docks. Pallet trucks have extremely strong, endurance-tested and well-protected construction, less breakable components, low energy consumption and recyclable parts. These features increase the product lifecycle, reduce the need for maintenance and decrease costs.

pallet transfer truck


Rocla's reliable stackers increase the productivity and flow of work thanks to their versatility. Agile also in longer distances, these compact stackers are excellent for fast and safe lifting and lowering of pallets even in tight spaces. Easy to operate pedestrian and platform stackers are perfect for demanding material handling in trade and industrial warehouses and in loading and unloading of lorries. Rocla also offers stand-on and sit-on stackers.

swac truck

Order picking trucks

Order picking is the most time consuming and often the most expensive stage in materials handling. With a proper toll order picking can be handled efficiently. This efficiency is achieved with Rocla's driver-generated design and product development with profound understanding of customer's order picking process.

Rocla matalakeräilijä

Reach trucks

Rocla's reach trucks are desingned to make driver's work easier. The user experience is a very important factor for customers today. By providing a great driving and load handling experience when trying a new product one can differentiate a brand from the rest.

Rocla Reach trucks include Rocla Humanic2 serie and TEM multiway reach truck serie.

Humanic2 Reach Truck

Very narrow aisle trucks

Rocla's very narrow aisle trucks help to maximize the benefit of warehouse space. Thanks to narrow-aisle technique the trucks can effectively be used in 1500 mm width corridors and they can lift pallets up to 9000 mm height.

vna narrow aisle truck very