Rapid tow tractor

Tow tractors are meant for towing of roll containers and different kinds of trailers in varied environments such as airports, shopping centers, hospitals and factories. Rapid tow tractor is the one for pulling different kinds of trailers up to 3000 kg also in longer distances.

The tow tractor of Rocla’s unique Rapid product family is durable work mate for versatile towing tasks in different operating environments, such as airports, stores and factories. Its excellent performance and controllability ensure pleasant and safe driving. The biggest operator platform in the market improves significantly the ergonomy and flow of picking.  Both ball and axle couplings in towing device enable towing of different trailers. The position of towing point can easily be adjusted.

Rocla's Intelligent Drive Assistant (IDA) improves the controllability and safety: it prevents the traction wheel locking during braking or slipping during the acceleration. IDA enables good controllability even on the slippery floors and increases the life-cycle of the traction wheel. The big support wheels with optional brakes bring stability into driving also in curves.

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