Platform stacker SP12/16ac

Rocla SP is an effective and versatile tool for trade and industry warehouses and the loading and unloading of lorries. Our stacker with driver’s platform is suitable even for longer distances, high lifting heights and residual capacities while its robust construction enables its effective use even in the most demanding conditions. Thanks to the range of options available, the truck can be tailored to match various customer needs and its high-level ergonomics keeps drivers comfortable.

  • Rocla’s patented Integral mast offers precise lifting.
  • A compact 790 mm wide chassis eases pallet handling, for example, in lorries.
  • Driving on a platform makes work much more efficient compared to pedestrian stackers.
  • The driver’s platform can be raised, easing work in confined spaces.
  • Excellent usability, an ergonomic tiller arm and suspended platform provide essential assistance to drivers.
  • Using the straddle-legs, initial lift and other options the stacker can be fully tailored to the customer’s needs.

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