Counterbalance Lift Trucks EP14-20A(C)NT

Cat® 1.4 to 2.0 tonne 48V electric counterbalance trucks are the perfect choice for agile performance in tight spaces. Compact, highly manoeuvrable, and packed with intelligent control systems, their behaviour automatically adapts to drivers’ wishes and needs.

Using the latest electronic controllers and sensors, software and multiple algorithms, Cat EP14-20A(C)N(T) makes driving and load handling easier, steadier, safer and more comfortable. Drivers feel the machine is totally in tune with them, so they are happy, confident and highly productive. Central to this driving experience is the Cat Responsive Drive System (RDS). Monitoring and instantly reacting to changes in the speed of pedal movement, RDS constantly adjusts performance parameters so all actions are smoothly controlled – including starts and stops. For the first time ever in counterbalanced trucks new forklifts feature 360° steering option, which gives greater agility in turning. This allows the truck to turn and move in the opposite direction (180°) without stopping, and avoids destabilising the load.

Typical applications:

  • Food and beverage manufacturing and wholesale
  • Fishing Industry
  • Chemical, textile & rubber
  • General & refrigerated warehousing and storage
  • Machinery & heavy equipment
  • Electric equipment & components