CAT® - Electric lift trucks

Electric lift trucks are a quiet, environmentally friendly means of handling a wide range of unit loads including pallets, pallet boxes and stillages.

Cat® - Electric lift trucks are designed and manufactured in Finland by Rocla.

Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, electric forklifts are the perfect choice for many handling operations, from lifting goods in and out of racking to moving goods at ground level around a site.

Being both quick and manoeuvrable (especially 3 wheel trucks such as the EP14-20A(C)NT, which have some very tight turning circles), electric trucks are often used in warehousing applications, where their typical maximum lift height of 5-6m makes them well suited to most standard wide aisle racking operations. Electric forklifts are often also found in production environments, bringing supplies or components to a production line or clearing waste packaging or other production by-products away.

Electric trucks can additionally be used to load or unload heavy goods vehicles, either from the rear of the vehicle (via a raised loading dock) or from the side (from ground level).

Counterbalance Lift Trucks EP14-20A(C)NT

Cat® 1.4 to 2.0 tonne 48V electric counterbalance trucks are the perfect choice for agile performance in tight spaces. Compact, highly manoeuvrable, and packed with intelligent control systems, their behaviour automatically adapts to drivers’ wishes and needs.

Red dot Rocla Cat 48V vastapainotrukki

Counterbalance Trucks EP25-35(C)N

This range answers the need for high-powered performance in applications where Ic engine lift trucks and their emissions are not permissible. Designed to cope with intensive duties and tough conditions, the trucks are highly productive and, at the same time, a pleasure to drive, thanks to their agility, intelligence and comfort.

Cat Lift Trucks Counterbalance truck

Counterbalance Trucks EP40-50

These trucks are designed to handle heavy loads in some extremely tough environments. They can be used with a variety of heavy attachments such as multi pallet handlers, bale clamps, paper roll clamps, carpet booms and fork spreaders etc.

Cat Lift Trucks Counterbalance truck