AGV - automated guided vehicles

Our AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles) are based on proven warehouse truck technology by Rocla. The AGVs are automatically navigated and operate without drivers. Rocla AGVs are a durable, flexible, and modular solution with short delivery and ROI times. As part of the customer's production and intra logistics, they are used to improve the performance of production and warehousing.

Rocla has delivered over 7 000 AGVs so far worldwide with an emphasis on warehouse and logistic, production, paper industry and food & beverage. Rocla offers full line of modular automation solutions that are serially manufactured and tailored to the needs of customer applications. To customers this means exceptionally short delivery time, easy implementation and lower total cost of ownership. The payback time of investment is very short, for example in a 3-shift operation it can be less than a year.

Rocla AGVs increase significantly the safety in the working premises. Vehicles are based on proven, reliable forklift technology developed by Rocla, and they are built according to the highest safety standards with several safety devices included. This results in reliable and traceable 24/7 operation, with no damages or accidents. Rocla AGV is a safe, sustainable solution that supports environmental values with recyclable parts, no harmful emissions and very low noise level.

Read more on how to boost your logistic performance with AGV solutions from our dedicated -pages.

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