Rocla’s new Solid truck makes pallet handling more effective and increases safety

Rocla’s Solid TPX25 pallet truck with fixed platform maximizes the efficiency of loading work.  Its robust, well-protected construction and tested performance ensure the work is both pleasant and efficient. Ergonomic fixed platform and strong, padded side walls provide extra comfort and protection for the driver.  Easy-to-use and durable Solid platform pallet truck increases the flow of loading work in terminals, stores and warehouses.

Designed for the most demanding use, Solid pallet trucks have extremely strong, endurance-tested and well-protected construction, less breakable components, low energy consumption and recyclable parts. New features increase the product lifecycle, reduce the need for maintenance and decrease costs. These easy-to-use trucks are made to last in constant loading work both indoors and outdoors.

Latest addition to Solid family, TPX25 fixed platform pallet truck with maximum driver protection is designed for heavy duty & efficient work also in longer transfers. The key to the efficiency of the machine is the maximum drive speed of 12 km/h unloaded together with high load capacity of 2500 kg for intensive use.

The unique electric steering wheel together with the crosswise driving position adds to both safety and efficiency.  Driver can operate the multifunction steering wheel in different ways. Its position and height can easily be adjusted to different drivers. Crosswise driving position enables easy driving to both directions and requires minimum upper body and neck movement which results in less strain for the operator. Well shaped and padded side protection and backrest make driving more comfortable and protect driver from outside hits.

Operator can adjust the speed, acceleration and braking according to the application and user preferences with two operating modes, soft and performance. Soft mode makes using the machine easy also for inexperienced drivers while saving energy. The highest lifting height in the market, 220 mm suits steep ramps and loading docks, making this an ideal truck for both horizontal pallet movements and vehicle loading/unloading.

Protected chassis and splash-waterproof electrics ensure protection against dirt, dust and moisture for extended lifecycle and low maintenance need. Versatile battery compartment accommodates standard size batteries with a variety of capacities. Closed compartment with steel cover protects battery against impact and prolongs the battery life.