Reorganization in the Rocla group

Group structure of Rocla Group shall be reorganized in order to simplify the administration of the group, make business more effective and to bring the legal structure to correspond with the operative nature of the business. As part of the reorganization Rocla Oy’s (business ID 0124294-1) customer service business in Finland and AGV business are transferred to a new company, Rocla Solutions Oy (business ID 2530965-3) through a partial demerger in accordance with the Finnish Companies Act.

Otherwise the business of Rocla Oy remains unchanged.

The reorganization comes into force on 1 June 2013. The reorganization does not require any special actions from the cooperatives and interest groups of the Rocla Group.

Developing of customer service business in Finland and AGV business in a new company is the best solution for implementing company strategy, business management, personnel development and customer service. Customer service business in Finland has moved during the spring to new premises which has brought all products and services under one roof. The new visiting address for customer service in Finland is Vanha Porvoontie 229, 01380 VANTAA. AGV-business operations stay in Järvenpää in address Jampankatu 2, 04400 JÄRVENPÄÄ.

Rocla Oy, located in Järvenpää is decisively developed by the owner Mitsubishi Nichiyu Forklift group (MNF). Rocla Oy is responsible for R&D of electric forklifts and automated guided vehicles for the European market. Rocla Oy is MNF's only global R&D center outside of Japan. The factory producing the above-mentioned equipment has expanded this spring in the manufacture of electric counterbalance trucks.

Contact and identity details of Rocla Oy remain the same after the implementation of the reorganization and shall be as follows. However, please notice the changes in the bank account information.

•                      Business name: Rocla Oy

•                      Postal address: P.O. Box 88, 04401 JÄRVENPÄÄ, Finland

•                      Visiting address: Jampankatu 2, 04400 JÄRVENPÄÄ

•                      Business ID: 0124294-1

•                      VAT Code: FI01242941

•                      Bank account details:                                

Danske Bank Oyj FI48 8199 9710 0420 65

Nordea Bank Finland Oyj FI39 1064 3000 2102 32

Pohjola Bank Oyj FI40 5000 0120 2906 62

Contact and identity details of Rocla Solutions Oy shall be as follows:

•                      Business name: Rocla Solutions Oy

•                      Postal address: P.O. Box 88, 04401 JÄRVENPÄÄ, Finland

•                      Visiting addresses:                          

                                            AGV:  Jampankatu 2, 04400 JÄRVENPÄÄ

                                            Rocla Finland: Vanha Porvoontie 229, 01380 VANTAA

•                      Business ID: 2530965-3

•                      VAT Code: FI25309653

•                      Bank account details:          

Danske Bank Oyj FI51 8000 1400 0826 17

Nordea Bank Finland Oyj FI83 1596 3000 0978 18

Pohjola Bank Oyj FI50 5000 0120 2525 55

The customer service business in Finland and AGV-business together with assets, agreements, debts, obligations and liabilities related thereto are to be transferred to Rocla Solutions Oy. After the reorganization Rocla Solutions Oy shall continue as the contracting party towards all cooperatives and interest groups for the agreements related to customer service business in Finland and AGV-business. Thus, all business relationships with Rocla Group shall remain after the reorganization as they are at the moment.

More details will be provided by Hilkka Webb, tel. +358 20 778 1316 on request.

In Järvenpää on 28th of May 2013

In Järvenpää on 28th of May 2013


Rocla is a Finnish company whose core business is to provide intelligent material handling solutions and services. Rocla develops, manufactures and markets electric warehouse and counterbalance trucks and automated guided vehicle systems, and provides complete services throughout their lifecycle. Mitsubishi and Cat® branded warehouse and lift trucks, designed and manufactured by Rocla, are also being sold through extensive dealer network globally. Rocla is a part of Mitsubishi Nichiyu Forklift group.