Itella chooses Rocla forklift trucks and maintenance

Itella has chosen the Finnish Rocla as its partner for forklift truck procurement and maintenance. Itella will shift from an ownership-based forklift truck procurement model to leasing, with Rocla supplying and centrally maintaining Itella’s entire fleet. The migration will yield significant savings and optimise the equipment for business needs.

Itella currently has a fleet of more than 2,000 warehouse and counterbalance trucks, most of these purchased for the business group. Previously, forklift trucks’ maintenance had been arranged under country-specific agreements or performed in-house. For several years now, Rocla has been Itella’s maintenance partner in Finland. This partnership is now being expanded to cover equipment procurement too, as the procurement model moves over from ownership to leasing. The agreement will cover Finland and all other countries where Itella has operations.

The majority of Itella’s forklift fleet is rather old, so the maintenance costs are expected to increase in the coming years, yet renewing the fleet would require significant investments.
‘In the future, we will acquire our forklift trucks with a leasing model that includes full maintenance and spare parts. This arrangement will yield significant savings for Itella,’ comments Itella Sourcing’s Development Manager Pasi Rintamaa.

Part of the international Mitsubishi Nichiyu Forklift group, Rocla will supply CAT warehouse and counterbalance trucks for each of Itella’s countries of operation. Rocla develops and manufactures the forklifts in Järvenpää, Finland, which enables flexible deliveries to Itella.

The operating efficiency of the current equipment has not been the best possible, so Rocla will help Itella optimise the fleet to meet its business needs more fully.
‘Uniform equipment is easier to move within the business group to where it is needed, if necessary. Attention has been paid to the safety and ergonomics of the forklifts, thus increasing occupational safety as the equipment base gradually becomes standardised,’ Rinnemaa adds.

‘We are pleased about the trust Itella has shown in us as our co-operation continues to expand. We have strongly developed our comprehensive indoor logistics service in recent years, and this kind of strategic partnership is very important to us,’ says Jari Valtanen, director of Rocla.

The goal in Itella’s vendor management is to develop strategic partnerships through which the business group can gain competitive advantage and savings. Rocla’s versatile offering of equipment, strong competence in indoor logistics, and local multi-brand service network ensure smooth logistics operations and help to develop the customer’s business at the same time.

Itella Group provides solutions for managing information and product flows. Itella operates in mail communication, logistics and financial processes in Europe and Russia. In 2012, the Group reported net sales of EUR 1,947 million and employed 27,500 professionals.