Counterbalance trucks from Järvenpää

Since this spring Rocla has been manufacturing electric counterbalance trucks in Finland for the first time in its history. Rocla's R&D has been designing these forklifts from 2011 already, so Finnish design and production knowhow is highly appreciated.

Last year celebrating its 70th anniversary, Rocla has begun to manufacture counterbalance trucks for the first time in its history. Since this spring, both Cat® Lift Trucks and Mitsubishi Forklift Truck branded electric counterbalance trucks are made in Järvenpää.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries shut down their factory in Holland, and moved the manufacturing of electric counterbalance trucks to Rocla. This increased Rocla’s annual production by about 2500 trucks. Rocla’s department of research and development has been engineering electric counterbalance trucks since 2011, so moving the production from Holland is an additional proof of trust in the Finnish company.

R&D expertise
One of the reasons why Rocla is succeeding is its strong research and development expertise. Rocla was the first to understand the effect design has on the products usability and improving its competitiveness. Rocla’s high quality product development has been rewarded multiple times in international design contests.

MHI was also convinced of the way how R&D designs a new product together in cooperation with the production department. People in Rocla use the term “concurrent engineering”, which stands for development overlapping with other functions of a company. Therefore it is possible to take into consideration the production requirements right from the beginning of a new product development.

Synergy between products
In the future Rocla’s purpose is to go for more synergy advantages between different models. The goal is, that in the near future the technology platform would be very similar for warehouse trucks and electric counterbalance trucks.

In the beginning of this year Rocla went through a large scale expansion project, when the factory was preparing for manufacturing the new product. The company recruited dozens of additional people to both production and R&D. As a part of the new arrangements, both domestic sales and maintenance departments moved to Vantaa.

Getting the innovations out
Already the fact that on these latitudes cost-effectively assembling the lifting devices rewarded as world’s best, is a minor scale miracle on its own. Rocla’s strength relies in it’s speed and flexibility. The company can quickly react to customer’s needs and is rapidly producing new innovations to the market.

When it comes to warehouse trucks and forklifts, the importance of design comes from two things: The truck is both a working station and a tool. It needs to provide good physical ergonomics while maintaining its efficiency in the environment. A truck needs also to be cost-effective and worthy of its price. This means that one must design more and more “humane” machinery, without decreasing its performance.

Rocla has (before) engineered and manufactured both warehouse trucks and automated guided vehicles. Since 2002 Rocla has imported Cat® Lift Trucks counterbalance trucks and represented them within Finland. The counterbalance trucks are worlds most used truck type. They are used both inside and outside for, e.g., storing, loading, and unloading goods.

The selection of counterbalance trucks is wide, and they come as electric, liquid gas and diesel powered.