Boost your logistic performance with automation solution

The goal of an automation solution is to improve material handling efficiency and thus reduce costs and increase profitability. With Rocla's advanced process management, customers receive a total logistics solution with a measurable performance boost.

Rocla offers full line of AGV solutions for different applications
Through automation, impressive cost savings can be achieved, especially when personnel are working in shifts or handling longer transfers. Personnel can be saved for more demanding and pleasant tasks instead of monotonous, routine transfers. In addition, using automation increases the safety of the work premises.

Rocla AGVs are a durable, flexible, and modular solution with short delivery and ROI times. Rocla AGVs use a common platform with features like functional modularity, serial manufacture, and award-winning design. The modular structure of Rocla’s AGV family gives the possibility to combine well tested and proven technology and functionality with specific customer needs.The vehicles are automatically navigated and operate without drivers. As part of the customer's production and intra logistics, they are used to improve the performance of production and warehousing.

Automation increases safety and reduces operating costs

Automating even a part of a process in warehouse or production increases the safety and reduces the operating costs. Payback time for this investment in three shift operation is less than two years. Using Rocla AGVs in warehouses minimizes the risk of incorrect load handling. AGVs handle the loads always the same way and the risk for pallet falling is very small. Automation also reduces the need for personnel working in the same area which also limits the risk of a serious incident. Rocla WMS (warehouse management system) combined with the AGV system reduces significantly the risk of storing pallets in wrong positions in the warehouse which might also cause a danger for the operation.