ART challenges manual reach trucks

Rocla has developed a new automated reach truck, ART with which new customers can benefit from automation for the very first time. ART can operate in same logistics environment as manual reach trucks. It is a perfect fit for automating pallet handling in standard warehousing environment up to 10 meters height. Thanks to its compact size and agile turning radius ART can operate in standard reach truck aisle width of 3 meters without any problems. New innovative sensor technology and software increase the load handling speed and operation efficiency considerably. Rocla ART is here to challenge both manual reach trucks and other AGVs.

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The innovation process of Rocla ART was triggered by customer needs. It is a perfect fit for distribution centers, warehouses, work-in-progress storages and replenishment of active picking locations.

Load handling is the core of AGV operations. Rocla ART is specifically designed for high lifting environments up to 10 meters where lifting is time consuming. Innovative dynamic scanning technology improves efficiency without compromising safety. ART uses 3 scanners to adjust speed and angle dynamically in turns and corners. If the route is clear, it will keep up the speed safely even when turning. This allows efficiency to develop in higher levels than before while simultaneously providing safe operation according to safety standards for AGVs.   

Dynamic stability system controls constantly that vehicle’s stability limits are not exceeded as it monitors speed, load weight and height, and reach position. As a result ART stays stable at all times, and it is both compact in size and agile in motion.

A pressure compensation system provides an efficient and constant lifting regardless of the load weight. During load handling a collision detection ensures the safety of this operation.

AGVs offer constant and reliable 24/7 operation with 100 % traceability in factories and warehouses. Customers are able to increase safety and efficiency, decrease TCO and create flexible operation by combining Rocla ARTs with manual operation. Rocla’s AGV solutions are offering even better tools for improving customer processes, as Rocla is developing a whole new AGV solution environment called “Easy AGV”. This will enable the company to provide completely scalable automation solutions for all customers globally.