Quality and environment

Quality and environment policy

• We develop products, services and solutions that are safe for humans and environment and meet our customers’ needs.
• Our products follow always current directives and standards.
• We deliver our products and perform our services exactly according to the customer expectations and agreements.
• We pay attention to safety and environmental aspects in our processes and operative actions.

Achieving our targets and realizing our policy is based on good management practices, well-designed processes and skilled and motivated personnel. Our management and personnel is committed to continual improvement. Management monitors quality and environment policy realization and the achievement of the objectives with regular reviews.

Sustainable development

Sustainable development at Rocla starts already in product design phase by improving energy efficiency of forklifts and with eco-friendly and recyclable raw material choices. The use of electric forklift trucks manufactured at Rocla factory will not produce harmful emissions such as noise, greenhouse gases or dust.

Rocla is committed to enhancing energy use by joining the Energy Efficiency Agreement for 2017-2025. Rocla is contributing in building energy-efficient Finland.

Finnish Packaging Recycling RINKI Ltd. carries out, on a contractual basis, Rocla Oy's statutory packaging producer responsibility.

Certified ISO9001 Quality Management System and Certified ISO14001 Environmental Management System.